Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Utter Craziness, Fatigue, and Bliss

We came home from the hospital on Sunday afternoon and have hardly had a moment since to process everything! The last few days have been a blur of poop, love, nursing, love, crying, love, exhaustion, love, tiny socks, love, and more love. Oh, and did I mention exhaustion?

Despite some feeding issues in the first couple of days (which seem to be getting better), everything is going well. We are learning as we go, like all first-time parents do, and are 100% in love with our little boy. We marvel over his fingers and toes and tiny button nose. Our hearts clench when he cries. Sleep is a luxury we can hardly afford.

Tomorrow is his first follow-up with the pediatrician, so we hope all is well there. We certainly appreciate all the help we've received from family and friends--from cooking us meals to purchasing items from our registry, everything makes a HUGE difference.

Having a newborn is incredibly challenging and time-consuming--more than I imagined, even though I thought I had prepared myself for it. But just when it feels impossible, I look into his dark blue baby eyes and know that it is all worth it and that we are so very blessed.

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  1. Leanna & kieryn,

    It is now that i wish we lived near by so that we could lend a helping hand, when Miran sleeps try to get some sleep yourself.

    I know that Anne cannot wait to see Miran and i am sure she will be more than happy to look after Miran while you rest up take care love to you all

    Jackie & jimmy xxx