Monday, March 28, 2011

He's 2!

Miran has turned 2. He's a bright, verbal, curious, active, healthy little boy. Recently:
--His imagination is taking off. He picks up an airplane and pretends to fly it around the living room. He drops his stuffed animals and then pretends that they are crying (but of course they stop when he he kisses their boo-boos). He even sometimes asks me to nurse his stuffed panda! (He asks Daddy to do that, too. Yeah, no.)
--He is using the potty more and more.
--He is *just* starting to be able to sing some notes on pitch.
--As of about a week ago, he no longer uses a pacifier at naptime or bedtime! All gone!
--He has been having a little separation anxiety regarding Mama, but also learning about trust and the idea that Mama will always come back.
--He has started stuttering! But from everything we've read, it's normal at this age and resolves on its own. It may even indicate a big linguistic/cognitive leap.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

General Update

The other day, Miran pointed at my nose and said, "Mama have nose." He then pointed at his own nose and said, "Miran have nose." There was a pause, and then a thoughtful, "Both have nose!"

Miran is so grown. He just got a haircut, and now he really looks like a little boy. He is almost done with the pacifier (only uses it occasionally at night but no longer always asks for it). We're also down to nursing only once a day (at bedtime), though on weekends we sometimes nurse a little more. He is starting to use the potty regularly and, for the past couple of days, has made three or four pees in the potty per day (plus one poo!). His incentive? He loves to go and dump the potty and flush the toilet. He is ALL ABOUT flushing the toilet.

The preschool process is over, and Miran is enrolled at a local preschool that has a 2's class only twice a week (just a few hours a week total). There was another school that we truly loved, but sadly it was not meant to be for this year. In the meantime, the school he will be attending was a very close second choice, and we are delighted. I have heard great things about it, and by all accounts it should be a wonderful experience for him. I think he is so ready for some structured social time and learning how to function in a group.