Monday, February 15, 2010

Belated Valentine's Day Update

All is well! Miran is getting so much older -- it seems like every week, he's a different baby. He is very physically active and crawls, climbs, stands, and cruises everywhere. He's still wary about taking steps on his own but did attempt a few today while Granddaddy was visiting! Basically, he has great balance and can walk; he just doesn't trust himself enough yet to do it without holding on to something. He also now claps, and his food repertoire includes lamb liver, goat yogurt, oatmeal, amaranth, and kasha, among other foods. His "junk food" is Happy Baby organic greens puffs. They're basically dissolvable cheerios, and he LOVES them; they are his only real finger food, so far. I don't love them because they have refined wheat as well as sugar, but they're okay enough to qualifgyy as an occasional treat b/c it's just so good for him to have that grasping and self-feeding practice.

What else? Oh, well, Miran is iron-deficient. Blood tests came back with very low serum ferritin, so he is on iron drops (60 mg/day, divided into several doses) for three months and then we'll recheck the levels. The drops have an awful metallic taste that I try to disguise in jarred baby fruit . . . but he's not really fooled. He eats it, though. So far, the only side effect is very dark poop. We've been giving him prunes to try to avoid constipation and so far, so good.

He's a delightful baby. Really social, really curious, really active, really alert. Really wonderful!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Three Steps!

Miran took three steps today, from Daddy to Mama. He walked!!!