Sunday, October 17, 2010


Well, yes, kind of. But no, not really. Miran is so talkative, so full of life, so sweet these days, he sometimes seems all grown up. He freely gives hugs and kisses and says "I love you" and "I miss you" (not sure if he fully understands what they mean, though). As for words -- we lost count long ago. He says everything, consistently speaks in two-three word phrases, and seems to make new connections every day. Most recently, it seems he is really understanding colors, identifying yellow, pink, and orange pretty consistently. He also counts to 12 (always skipping 7) and says a modified version of the ABCs (including a really cute and toddler-garbled "next time won't you sing with me"). He's also getting better and better at focused, independent play and can amuse himself for good lengths of time without demanding adult attention. A toy cash register and his stacking rings are the usual favorites. Oh, and books! All manner of books -- he adores them and will sit and "read" or be read to for as long as you'll let him.

He's 19 months as of last week and a true joy.