Friday, March 26, 2010

Miran understands . . .

--Doggie (stuffed toy), Bear (stuffed toy), table, hoover (vacuum cleaner), chimes, window, dolls, blue vase, "where are your toes?" "clap your hands," "give it to me," and several other things. He's always pointing to things and "asking" what they are. He's having a receptive language explosion! He may even be starting to say "mama" in reference to me, though I can't quite call it yet.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Miran is 1!

So Miran turned one just over a week ago, and our little baby is now officially a toddler! He's literally a toddler, too, as he can walk now with ease (though he still gets nervous) -- he can consistently go across the length of the nursery without stopping or fall.

Today Miran had pasta with tomato sauce for the first time. It was just nibbles from my bowl, really, but he was obsessed with it and cried when it was all gone, so I guess he takes after his mama.

The weather has warmed up, so we are taking advantage of it and starting to spend a lot of time outside.

At his doctor's appointment yesterday, he weighed somewhere between 23.5 and 24 pounds. Big boy!

Friday, March 5, 2010

It's March!

Miran's birth month is here, and he will soon be 1! What is the world coming to? :-)
His development continues to seem so rapid. He now claps, waves bye-bye (sometimes), points and shows, understands several words (hoover, table, mirror, Grover, dolls, etc.) and will look or point at whatever it is when you ask him where it is.

Oh, and he walks!!! Not well yet, mind you, but last night we called it. He walked back and forth between several people/objects, taking 5-6 steps independently each time. And when he's holding onto something for support, forget it -- he can cruise around at top speed.

Recent activities have included visits to the local library with Granny, and visits to the park/swings with Granny and Nana.