Monday, March 9, 2009

Miran will be here within a week!

Just saw my actual OB, and basically it's this: I have some slightly abnormal bloodwork, but nothing that indicates real danger or the need for immediate intervention (and my blood pressure is still totally normal). On the other hand, just to play it safe they will induce me at 37 weeks, as soon as Miran is full term. That's in SIX days!!! And obviously, if anything seems to worsen, they'll induce me sooner.

So, I'm definitely staying here in the hospital for another few days, but when I do leave, it will be with Miran in tow! And that won't be more than a week away . . . world, are you ready for Miran time?


  1. We are all ready to be there for and with all three of you . . .

  2. good luck! can't wait to see him! hang on just a little longer!!