Friday, March 20, 2009

First Day of Spring

And it's Miran's one-week birthday! We are continuing to adjust to our new full-time role as his parents, and he is doing very well. He's eating, peeing, pooping, sleeping, waking, and become more alert each passing day. He now opens his eyes fairly wide and looks around when he is awake, soaking in the world around him. His weight at the doctor's yesterday was 5 lbs. 15 oz. (which is normal; most babies lose some weight after birth), and we go back next week for another check-up.

We are still very tired and working on finding routines that work for all concerned. The night before last, I took Miran all night while Kieryn slept in the other room. Then last night, Kieryn cared for Miran all night while I slept in the other room, only bringing him to me for his feedings. This has given us both at least one night of relatively good rest, so hopefully we can start Week 2 a little more refreshed.

It is so amazing to think that we are now a family of three, when for so long it was always "the two of us." All three of us are sending love and best wishes for a beautiful spring!

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