Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Morning Update

The doctors had a meeting today to discuss me (apparently, I am something of a mystery to them). Basically:
--My platelet levels are still slightly below normal but not to dangerous levels, and they are not dropping any further.
--My second 24-hour urine study came back with still slightly elevated protein, but better than before--and nothing that would cause real alarm.
--My blood pressure has been great. This morning it was 104/65. Hardly high! (The two highest bp scores I've had here were 143/80 and 148/75 -- neither of which is very high at all.)
--My liver enzymes, which were a little elevated (but not to dangerous levels), have also improved.
--My kidney function/electrolyte balance is excellent.

So . . . they think I am doing fine and, if I do have pre-eclampsia, it would be a very mild case. Nevertheless, they want to go ahead and induce at 37 weeks. Fine by me. I kind of wish they would let me go home, though, and then just come back on Sunday. I have been so stable since I've been here, and I don't feel unwell at all.

NOTE (added at 11 AM): They said they are going to take me upstairs to Labor & Delivery and start the induction on Saturday night at 8 pm, so Miran should be born sometime on Sunday for sure (at least, I certainly hope so!).

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  1. Happy to hear that you're still doing so well! See you tonight!