Sunday, March 15, 2009

Birthday pictures.

Miran's first few hours


  1. So adorable! Give him some hugs from the west coast! Congratulations and drink it all in!

  2. No really "secret" LOL, that above comment was from me :)

  3. So beautiful! Congrats...I am SO happy for you guys! I also can't get over how much his 3D ultrasound pic really looks just like him.

  4. HI leana

    We are waiting for a photo of you and miran i noticed your hand!! hope miran is feeding well my mum christina & christine all send congratulations to you & kieryn ican see rodney in miran, i guess he is a very proud grandad
    love hugs and kisses for miran &mummy& daddy xxxx

  5. Many many congratulations, and Thank you Jesus' for bringing this precious little boy into Kieryn and Leana's life!! John thank you for making sure your little brother arrived safely into mommy's arms!!
    Much love, and many congrats!!
    Shannon Goodwin