Sunday, January 4, 2009

Third Trimester!

Today, at 27 weeks, I am officially in my third and final trimester of pregnancy. Wow. It’s hard to believe that this is the beginning of the “home stretch,” as it were . . . three months seems so close and yet so far away, all at the same time.

Kieryn and I have just begun to start thinking about everything we need to do to prepare for Miran’s arrival. Before now it was just too emotionally scary to think that far ahead, but now, it’s also scary to realize that we really are going to have a newborn in the house in a few short months and we have NOTHING ready! Kieryn is working on getting the apartment together (huge task), and I am doing research figuring out what crib to get, etc. I want to figure out exactly what we need now because everyone keeps telling me there will be no time for that kind of stuff once the baby is here. And we haven’t even started to think about researching newborn care and all that stuff . . . so there’s lots of stuff to do in the next few months. Plus, I go back to work on Monday -- back to busy mode. I hope that will make the time fly faster, as I can’t wait for April to just be here and to have Miran in our arms.

A few facts about his development at 27 weeks:

• He looks just like a fully formed baby, only smaller.
• His brain and lungs are continuing their rapid development.
• His now demonstrates REM activity, which means he can dream!
• His eyes open, close, blink, and can produce tears.
• He can distinguish sour, sweet, and bitter tastes.
• He can feel and respond to pain just the same as a newborn.
• The hair on his head is growing longer now.
• He’s getting plumper and probably weighs close to 2.5 lbs.
• If he were born this week, he would have a 90% chance of survival and a very good chance of not having any major long-term disabilities.

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