Sunday, January 18, 2009

29 Weeks

So this is the last week in the “20s,” and Miran has grown quite a bit since this blog was started a month ago. He has almost doubled in weight and is now just under 3 lbs. and around 17 inches long—almost as long as he will be at birth. His lungs are now capable of breathing on their own, his eyes have opened, and he is acutely aware of external sounds, movements, and light. He has gone from a baby who might just survive if born to a baby with greater than 90% odds of survival without major long-term problems.

He will be full term in just 8 weeks! The bulk of his remaining development will consist of getting fatter and further developing his lungs and brain (billions of neurons develop daily).

Meanwhile, Kieryn and I are finally getting a real start on preparing for his big homecoming. A full apartment sweep—cleaning, organizing, rearranging—is in progress. We figured out everything we’ll need, researched products, and made a registry at (link under his pictures). And yesterday we made our first purchase for Miran: Amby Baby
It costs over $300 normally, but we found a gently used one at a great price on craigslist, so Kieryn went to Brooklyn to pick it up. Kieryn was so excited when he brought it home that he set it up right away, and both of us just stood there and held each other and looked at it in awe. It makes everything seem more real.

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