Sunday, January 11, 2009

28 Weeks!

Twenty-eight weeks is a great milestone to reach because it brings Miran into the "next level" of development. If he were born now, though he would still need lots of intervention and would face a lengthy NICU stay, he would no longer be considered a “micro-preemie,” a term used to describe the smallest and most fragile of premature babies. His lungs have developed a lot over the last few weeks, and he may even be able to breathe on his own now. Though still thin, he has put on some baby fat to help regulate his body temperature. His senses--sight, hearing, touch, taste--are all functioning. In short, he is a fully formed baby who just a needs a few more weeks to get bigger and fatter before making his grand entrance.

Kieryn and I are starting to think more about all we need to do to prepare for his arrival. We have chosen the stroller and crib we want, decided how we're going to reorganize the apartment, and are researching how to best introduce Miran to our cat (and vice versa) when the time comes. As Kieryn said the other day, "It still all kind of feels like a dream, but sometimes the reality hits me all of a sudden and I get such a warm, happy feeling inside." I feel the same way. We can't wait . . . we are so ready to be parents and to embark together on this next stage of our lives.

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