Monday, January 5, 2009


I have divided this pregnancy into various milestones from the beginning, and each one brings a small sense of relief knowing that I am closer to my dream come true . . . holding a healthy Miran in my arms. Here are the milestones:

--5 weeks: baby has firmly implanted
--8 weeks: risk of miscarriage drops significantly
--12 weeks: second trimester; risk of miscarriage very low
--16 weeks: starting weekly progesterone shots
--21 weeks, 2 days: the day in pregnancy I went into labor with Johnny
--21 weeks, 5 days: the day in pregnancy we lost Johnny
--23 weeks: potential viability, albeit low chances
--24 weeks: official viability; 50% chance of survival
--26 weeks: survival rate increases significantly
--27 weeks: third trimester; survival rate hits 90%
--28 weeks: out of the "extremely premature" risk category
--32 weeks: 95% chance of survival with very low risk of major disability
--37 weeks: full term!!!
--40 weeks: due date

I've already gotten through most of the milestones, with just four left to go . . . really looking forward to hitting 28 weeks . . .


  1. Leanna,

    What a lovely blog! I have bookmarked your site and check it frequently. Congratulations on making it to the third trimester! So glad to be able to share our pregnancies together. Keep on cooking, Miran!


  2. Wow. He will be here soon. You will have your medical degree by then (smiles). Love to you both.


  3. Look at all the milestones you have overcome. Have faith Leana ")