Sunday, January 25, 2009

30 Weeks!

So what has Miran been up to this past week? Well . . .

• His brain has been the focus of development and now has the classic folds and wrinkles that signify more mature, more conscious thought processes.
• His bone marrow now controls his red blood cell production.
• He’s continuing to plump up and develop the fat layers needed to keep him warm when born. His skin is therefore turning from red to pink.
• His finger and toenails have grown in completely.
• When awake, his eyes are wide open as he explores his ever-“shrinking” environs.
• He can recognize familiar voices, sounds, and music.

Meanwhile, at 7 months pregnant, my stomach has become huge (or so it seems to me). My center of gravity is different, and I can't help but to waddle when I walk. And with Miran about to double or triple in size, I can only imagine how huge I'll be in a few weeks!

As ridiculous as this may sound, we were actually in L&D again yesterday evening. This time, though, I didn’t even want to go in as I knew everything was fine, but the on-call doctor insisted that I come in just to be sure. I wasn’t even going to call the doctor, but Kieryn said I really should just to see what he said (we both expected him to say, “You’re fine, just call back if it gets worse/you experience symptoms, etc.”). But instead, he said that even though there was a 99% chance everything was fine, I should definitely come in to be checked. What happened was that I sneezed and peed myself (pregnancy is not bladder-friendly), but we had to rule out the possibility that my water had broken. So back we were again, and of course everything was fine, and we were in and out again in two hours. And since I knew all along that things would be fine, it wasn’t stressful at all. Kieryn and I were laughing and joking with the nurses the whole time. One of the nurses even remembered me from when I was there 2 ½ months ago! Best NICU in the metro area, top-rated doctors, close by, attentive service, friendly staff, clean facility—we left, again, feeling so grateful for our hospital.

Now we’re just 7 weeks from being full-term and just 10 weeks from the official due date, but I have a feeling he will come a week or two early (and that’s just fine by me).

And we’re already hopelessly in love with our little boy. Seriously, it’s bad. ☺ He’s already become the focal point of our lives and everything we do and plan. We cannot wait to meet him in person and be able to see and hold him.

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  1. well what can i say only that i can sympathise with you with regard to the bladder if you are not now i am sure you will be on first name terms with the medical staff and your chosen hospital and i see that miran is only going to do what he wants at the moment and is already keeping mummy and daddy busy leana hope you have got some panty liners i spoke to anne only a hour ago saying no more news is good news you are never far from my thoughts thinking of you all love jackiexx