Tuesday, December 23, 2008


It looks like Miran had his first bout of hiccups today. I felt this gentle rhythmic tapping on the left side for about 5 minutes, and from everything I've heard/read, that means he has the hiccups. Fetal hiccups occur when the baby is practicing breathing/swallowing, so it's a sign that he's maturing and preparing for life outside the womb. Keep up the good work, Miran!

On a separate note, my glucose tolerance test (to check for gestational diabetes) results came back normal, so the nurse joked on the phone that I can have that extra piece of cake at Christmas. Also, she reconfirmed that my thyroid levels are all normal, which was comforting. So I have the comfort of knowing that I am not currently diabetic or hypothyroid, two conditions that commonly occur in pregnancy (even if the woman doesn't normally have them). Great news.

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