Sunday, December 28, 2008

26 Weeks!

Another week down, only 11 more to go until Miran is full term . . . here’s what his development looks like this week:

• Sometime this week, his eyes will open for the first time.
• Alveoli (air sacks) are rapidly developing in his lungs. By the end of the week, he may even be able to breathe on his own. (He would already be able to breathe with medical intervention.)
• Brainwaves are detectable, which means his mind is actually processing his experiences now.
• He can recognize familiar voices and sounds.
• His sense of touch is now well developed.
• He weighs around 2 lbs. (probably a bit more, based on his weight at 24.5 weeks).
• He measures about 9.5 inches from head to rump, or about 15 inches total from head to toe.
• He is putting on more body fat, and his skin is becoming less red and transparent.
• If born this week, he would have around an 85% chance of survival.

Meanwhile, I am going to try to enjoy my final week of bed rest before returning to work on January 5th.


  1. its great to here that everything is going well for the three of you,i think we are as anxious and exited as you and the rest of the family enjoy your rest leana as there is plenty of enjoyable work for you to do after the month of april love to you all jackie n jimmy

  2. looks like miran as your shape nose

  3. Good luck heading back to work, Leana! I'm loving and thinking of the three of you always. Call me if you need anything!

  4. Hey Leana! I just heard that you and Kieryn are expecting. How exciting!

    I'll be saving the blog to my favorites and check in every now and again.

    All the best,
    Lynn McW

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