Saturday, June 18, 2011

overheard today

Mama: Standing up on the bed is dangerous. The bed is high, and if you fall from a high place, you can really hurt yourself.
Miran (matter-of-factly): So, we don't do that.

Miran: Praying mantis [a little toy] is crying!
Mama: Why is he crying?
Miran: 'Cause it wants his daddy.

Miran (explaining his actions while playing with Lego): Building a tower. Put a flower on it. Put a window on it. Little man go in the house. Little man come out of the house. Little man climbing on top of the chimney. Hello, Man! And go up the steps and go into the house. Going home. People going home. Man is going home. Tired and sleepy. Man is tired and sleepy. Cup full of water. Here, Man. Open the door. Wake up, Man!

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