Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Miran's language is really evolving, to where many of his utterances are completely grammatically correct. He has recently begun to use pronouns on a consistent basis, too.

For example, me yesterday: Where did you get those new shoes?
Miran: From the store!


Miran: I want a cookie! (seeing picture of cookie in book)
Me: We don't have any cookies.
Miran: I want one!


Miran: I want a dustpan.
Me: Well, the dustpan is dirty, but why don't you use this (cardboard) and pretend it's a dustpan?
Miran: I want a REAL dustpan.


Miran: Daddy, clap your feet!

In other news . . . we have only nursed once (briefly) in the last four days . . . so I think we're pretty much weaned. Sad. The time is right, but it makes me feel sad. And it makes Miran sad, too, though he's handling it well.

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