Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A Phipps Inheritance (by Kieryn)

I'm sitting here listening to Brian Eno's Apollo album with Miran peacefully sleeping in the Amby Baby, Leana getting a much needed nap in the other room.

My own dad, Mick, listened to the same album often as I grew up and the relaxing atmosphere it creates is embedded deeply within me. This is one of the experiences I would like to pass on to Miran; I want it to chill him out too, for him to imagine being deep under the ocean while listening to the haunting reverberations of "The Secret Place" and "Matta", and fall asleep to the beautiful joyous overtones in "Ascent" as I once did so many years ago.

I know that his life will be his own and for the most part he will have interests and a personality nothing like I could expect or imagine, but there are small pieces of myself like this that I think he won't be able to escape.

I feel that this music has had such a positive effect on me, and I really hope that Miran will one day feel that too.


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