Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Poor Miran

He's been battling his first real illness for the past few days. His temperature was in the 101.5 to 102 range for a couple of days, though thankfully today it's down to the mid 100s. He has a runny nose, a horrible wet cough, and is very uncomfortable. There are intermittent periods, though, where he perks up and wants to play, smile, etc., so it's not desperate . . . it's just so sad. We're watching closely to make sure he doesn't get any worse, and he's been sleeping in bed with us for the last few nights. I just hope so much that he is better in the morning and starts to slowly mend. I hate to see him like this; it makes me want to cry.

We are lucky that the new upstairs neighbor is a pediatrician. She came down and examined him and gave us a homeopathic remedy for him, plus some fresh thyme to steep in a bowl next to the bed. She said we can go up there at any time, if necessary. What a comfort to have her right upstairs!

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