Tuesday, November 17, 2009

He's so strong

Okay, Mama is lame and never updates the blog the way she would if she had more time. But here is what our dear baby has been up to over the past two weeks:
--pulling himself to standing with ease and balancing with very little support
--going from sitting, to all fours, to tummy, to sitting, etc.
--taking all his toys out of the box, one by one
--turning the pages of his books all by himself
--raw pears in a mesh feeder bag (yum!)
--finger still red, but better since nail fell off
--banging toys on things (fun!)
He also had his first real illness last Friday--a stomach bug that caused him to vomit and wretch and become sleepy/lethargic. But it only lasted a few hours, and when he woke the next morning, he was good as new, thank God. Kieryn and I were so worried we took him to the pediatric emergency room, but after speaking to our doctor and reassessing things, we left without being admitted. He's doing just fine now!

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