Saturday, August 8, 2009


Our little boy can really crack up now -- this morning he had his most boisterous laughing session yet, with real giggles and chuckles. It makes my whole world when he's so happy!

Today we did a big baby shopping trip, including a brief visit with Allison and Glenn and their baby, Kannon, who is eight months old. He and Miran were really looking at each other for the first time, and with time flying so fast they'll be playing together before we know it. We also picked up a bunch of things we need: baby food-making supplies (he starts solids in a month, and we want to make our own baby food for the most part), some drool bibs (trust me, he needs them), an ear thermometer (yay! no more rectal readings), some teething toys, diapers (he's now on size 3!), and an "exersaucer" activity center (since he loved the one at my cousin's house so much).

Speaking of my cousin, Miran and I had our biggest trip ever this week with my mom. We drove first to visit my cousin, Emily, and her baby Gabriella, who is nine months old. Then we went to visit an old family friend, her daughter, and her new granddaughter, who is seven months old, in upstate New York. Miran did really well for the most part, adjusting to all the new surroundings and people.

Tuesday we go to the doctor's for a check-up, so I'll be back soon to post updates on his status.

P.S. Oh, and he can now roll from back to tummy!

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  1. yay! can't wait to see you guys soon. what days this week work for you?