Friday, June 19, 2009

First "Playdate" in the Park

Today Miran and I met with friends in the park. It was Miran's first time with a baby his own age, and though he is too young to care about making friends, he did seem intrigued by little baby Eli, who is 8 weeks old. (Eli's mom is a colleague of mine.) So we had a little picnic in Riverside Park, and it was a lovely day.

Miran continues to grow up. He is now old enough for his "big boy" (=umbrella) stroller, so we are more mobile now that I can wheel him around in that instead of the regular stroller (though the regular stroller is better for long, leisurely strolls). He also has better and better head/neck control and can sit upright for extended periods without you supporting his head (though you do have to support his back). Our days consist of tummy time (which he often hates), stories, music, time in the bouncy chair and the swing, and daily walks outside. Grandma is a frequent visitor and dotes upon him as much as any baby could want.

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