Friday, February 20, 2009


Yesterday I went to my first prenatal class: Breastfeeding. It lasted for two hours and was surprisingly informative--who knew there was so much to learn about something so basic and natural? There was a video presentation, a practice session (picture a room full of very pregnant women, each holding a life-size newborn baby doll and trying out various holds, burping positions, etc.), a lecture on breast care and nutrition, and a long Q&A session. I walked away with a slew of pamphlets, two pages of notes, and a sincere hope that Miran latches on easily and we don't experience any of the myriad problems brought up during the class.

Next Tuesday is the Baby Care class, and Kieryn and I will both be going. It will be quite amusing to watch Kieryn change the diaper on the life-size doll. :-)

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